Zlin Live Cam, Czech – Peace Square

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Zlin – Czech city bearing the unforgettable times in the name of socialism victorious gait Gottwald. It is part of the historical region of Moravia, the city at the same time proud of the title of capital of the Zlín region. Although Zlin was awarded city status only in 1397, the first time his name is mentioned in the historical chronicles of the sixty-five years earlier – in 1332.

A powerful impetus to the development of Zlín gave the foundation “Bata” shoe factory, which came on the XIX century.

The continuing build-up of speed shoe production that engulfed part of century XX, accompanied by a philanthropic activity “Dad” owners contributing to the establishment of public schools, kindergartens, affordable private housing for workers. The nationalization of the factory that took place after the war, has also made a contribution to the improvement of the city.

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