Viseu Live Cam, Portugal

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Viseu – a city in Portugal, the center of the eponymous district and munitsipaliteta.Tsentr historic province of Beira Alta. The city, along with the surrounding area is great agglomeration of Viseu.

The name dates back to the end of the Roman Empire and the early Middle Ages, where its name comes from the Roman term «Viso», which means a good view. The name was given in accordance with the place where originally there was a settlement founded by the Romans, which was located on a hill, now called Beira Alta (Beira Alta).

In the days of the Roman Empire, the city lying on the road intersection, there was a military garrison. The total area of ​​the ancient city is estimated to equal 38 thousand hectares of land. Later, the Romans were driven Suevi tribes in V-VI century, which, in turn, in the VII century, the Visigoths conquered. The modern city was founded in 1123.

Viseu – one of the largest cities in Europe without a railway station. The Cathedral, built in the year 830, contains a museum of sacred art. Besides the cathedral, among the architectural monuments there are several churches and monasteries, as well as the Bishop’s Palace.

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