Vinnitsa Live Cam, Ukraine – Independence Square

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Vinnitsa – a city of regional importance, the administrative center of Vinnytsia region of Ukraine.

The city’s name comes from the Old Slavic word “vѣno” – a gift. There are several versions explaining the name of the city: “Vineyard” – distillery where wine brewed beer and Vinnichka – river. Populate these lands were still in the old days. The city discovered the Scythian settlements and ancient times.

The city is located on the shores of the Southern Bug. Through the city also runs a small river Tyazhilovka, Vinnichka and Cherry.

Vinnitsa is located about 199 kilometers (physically, on the highway – 258 km, in x / d – 221 km) south-west of Kiev.

Vinnitsa is known as a venue for a number of music festivals – “International Days of Jazz Music in Vinnytsia” (1995) Charity rokfest “MuzEntropiya” (from the mid 2000 -. X). A distinctive feature of fests in the city (mostly local or Ukrainian) is their musical direction, namely a wide range of styles and musical directions, and in particular the emphasis on not promoted pop music, and the “alternative” genres – jazz, rock, etc .

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