Trencin Live Cam, Slovakia

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Trencin – industrial city in western Slovakia. Located 10 km from the Czech border, on the Vah river, on the site of a Roman legion Laugaritsio. It is the center of Trenčín region and Trenčín region. On the cliff, located in the middle of the city, it is a typical medieval castle, built in 1069 AD.

Trencin known Latin inscriptions of the victory of the second Roman legion over German tribes, dated 179 year. These inscriptions, exactly where both Laugaritsio are the northernmost traces of the Roman soldiers in Central Europe.

Slovakia, the official name – the Slovak Republic (Slovak Slovenská republika.) – A country in Central Europe. The population, at the end of 2015, amounts to 5,428,411 people, the area – 48 845 square kilometers. It takes one hundred and twelfth in the world in terms of population and one hundred twenty-seventh most areas.

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