Tokyo Live Cam, Japan – Shibuya Mark City shopping mall

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Shibuya (Shibuya-ku Jap.) – One of 23 special districts of Tokyo.

The name “Shibuya” is also relevant to the central business district of Shibuya, located next to the Shibuya station, one of the principal on the Tokyo rail. Shibuya is known as one of the main centers of Tokyo fashion, especially for young people, as well as the main place of nightlife in Tokyo.

In Shibuya are several highest Tokyo skyscrapers, including the 27-storey “Al-Ti-Ti dock Yoyogi Station Building” – the third tallest building in Tokyo (240 m), built on the model of “Empire State Building”, a 41-storey ” Cerulean Tower “(184 m), which houses the headquarters of the corporation” Tokyu “and the hotel, as well as” Ebisu Garden Place, “” Odakyu Southern Tower “,” Shibuya Cross Tower “,” Sumitomo Fudosan, “” insects “and “Shibuya Mark City”.

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