St. Peter’s Square Live Cam, Vatican

Category: Cams, Vatican City

St. Peter’s Square or Piazza San Pietro (Piazza San Pietro) – a grand square in the form of two symmetrical half-circles, broken in front of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, designed by Bernini in 1656-67 years.. There are going to crowds of the faithful to listen to speech the pontiff.

In 1930, Mussolini laid from the center of Rome in the area of ​​the wide street Reconciliation (Via della Conciliazione). The area is framed by a semicircular colonnade designed by Bernini Tuscan order. Middle – Egyptian obelisk, which was brought to Rome by Emperor Caligula. This is the only obelisk in a town that stood unchanged until the Renaissance.

Medieval Romans believed that in a metal bowl on top of the obelisk is stored the ashes of Julius Caesar. From the obelisk on the pavement divergent beams of travertine arranged so that the obelisk served as a gnomon.

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