Segovia Live Cam, Spain

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Segovia – a town located 90 km north-west of Madrid. Segovia stands on a rocky hill, and with such a museum city like Toledo and Avila, is located in close proximity to the Spanish border.

Segovia – a city of churches, monasteries, palaces and parks, it is the best in Castile its manifestations, the city with the traditional narrow alleys and pedestrian streets, medieval walls and castles, a vast green area.

Segovia is not by chance called the city-museum. Here, indeed, at every step – History. In this city is worth visiting at least for one day, to feel the spirit of the true Castilian. From the northwest Segovia protects the famous castle, the royal palace Alcazar (Alcazar), one of the favorite residences of the Castilian kings, the inspiration for Walt Disney. In the south-eastern part of the city is the world-famous Roman aqueduct (Segovia Aqueduct), the largest and best preserved of its kind. Image aqueduct printed on all the coins in the period from 1455 on 1864 years.

The tallest building in Segovia – Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria (Cathedral of Santa Maria) of the 16th century, visible from all sides as you approach Segovia, was another symbol of the city.

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