Santiago de Compostela Live Cam, Spain – Area of Quintana

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Santiago de Compostela – the capital of the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia. The municipality is a part of the region (comarca) of Santiago. The town was founded around the Santiago Cathedral – the largest pilgrimage center. The old part of the city became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

According to legend, in the cathedral city of the remains of the Apostle James. Therefore the city from the early Middle Ages, is the third shrine of the Catholic world (after Jerusalem and Rome), the center of Catholic archbishopric and the final destination of the pilgrimage and the route of the famous Way of St. James, covers the whole of Europe, and has given the city the nickname “Christian Mecca”.

His value for the Catholic European city especially obliged to the attainment of the relics of St. Jacob. As believers believe, after the martyrdom of the Apostle in 44 of his remains were placed in a boat and put on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Miraculously, this boat sailed to Spain, where the saint preached earlier, and was washed ashore at the mouth of the river Hive (where there will be later the city).

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