Samui Live Cam, Thailand – Beach Tongtakian

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Beach live streaming webcam in Samui, Thailand.

Tongtakian Beach, which is also known as the Silver Beach and Crystal Bay, in our opinion, the most beautiful beach on Koh Samui. Even we, pampered paradise beaches appreciated ThongTakian beach. See themselves as Takian beautiful. In addition, there is the calm water on the island, making it ideal for swimming.

Some may not understand what is behind the beach, as the name quite difficult – «Thongtakian». Basically, his name simply local Silver beach on the name of one of the hotels.

So, the Silver Beach – the same beach where a good rest and swim for everyone. And especially here a paradise for children. Even for the smallest beybikov better beach than Tongtokian Samui find. That’s because the water is calm and clear, no waves at all and the depth increases very slowly.

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