Riga Live Cam, Latvia – St. John’s Church

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Riga – the capital of Latvia and one of the largest cities of the Baltic States, each year attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Here are the churches and the houses built by the best architects of bygone eras.

Riga’s streets are filled with living history, which at first sight captivates and charms the travelers.

With the Church of Sts. John related a legend that in the 15th century two monks of the monastery really wanted to be canonized. They bricked alive in the wall of the monastery. While they were alive, they were fed Rigans specially abandoned hole in the wall. However, after the death of the monks, their dad never proclaimed saints.

The remains of the monks are still in the walls of the monastery, and in memory of their death in an outside wall made cross-shaped hole.

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