Riga Live Cam, Latvia – Sigulda Castle

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Sigulda Castle (Latvian Siguldas viduslaiku pils -. Sigulda Castle), in the Middle Ages known as Zegevold Castle – one of the medieval castles in Sigulda (Latvia), built in the early stage of the conquest of the Baltic lands the Crusaders.

Construction work on erecting the castle were started by the order of the first Master of the Order of the Sword Wine background Rohrbach in 1207 on the territory of a former Livonian settlements on the banks of the Gauja River.

The castle, built just after the fateful victory, which won an army of swordsmen of local resistance units (under the leadership of respected elders Liv Ako), along with Vendenskim lock represented one of the most fortified outposts of German rule in Livonia. In honor of the victory, the area was called “Zegevald” (in German “Forest Ratio”) – is the name of the country is preserved until the present time (Transformed into Latvian style in Sigulda).

Immediately after this was made a section of the Livonian lands between the two newly-feudal lords: the Order of the Sword, at the source of which is Bishop Albert brother Theodoric, got extensive territory on the left bank of the Gauja, and the Bishop of Riga satisfied about one third (compared to the Order’s two-thirds), which It includes a portion of the right bank of the Gauja.

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