Riga Live Cam, Latvia – Riga Central Market

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Riga Central Market – is one of the oldest trading places in the city. The market is located almost in the center of Riga – between the Central Station and the International Bus Station.

Even before the First World War, the city fathers of Riga discussed the need for the device of the Central Market. So, the project of the Riga railway hub developed in 1909/1910, on behalf of the Board of the Riga-Orlovskoy railway, involved the construction of a railway line to the market needs in the area between the city canal and the so-called red barn.

However, the First World War prevented the realization of this project, and have returned to it only after its completion. Of course, in the beginning it was restored destruction caused by the city during the war and the struggle for independence. As soon as the economic life of Riga has stabilized, the issue of construction of a modern market again gained importance.

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