Riga Live Cam, Latvia – National Library

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The building of the National Library of Latvia (Latvian Gaismas pils -. «Lock of light”) – one of the modern attractions of Riga. Built in the years 2008-2014 on the left bank of the Daugava, opposite the historic city center.

April 3rd, 1919 Bolsheviks established the Latvian Central Library in the house at the corner of Kalku and Valnu.

After the withdrawal of the Bolsheviks, the building returned to the owners, and the State Library was moved to the former residence of the vice-governor of Livonia, the street Jauniela, d. 26. 1920 the library received room opposite the Riga Castle at Pils Square d. 2. Subsequently, the National Library has replaced a dozen buildings.

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