Praia do Guincho Live Cam, Portugal

Category: Cams, Portugal

Praia do Guincho – the so-called place, where people come who like “wild” beach. Here you can go surfing, windsurfing and skayserfe, as well as sunbathing.

Above the beach is a good snack bar with a beautiful view, which can be a good snack and a drink. For a place on the beach, which is equipped as a single wall of striped material, which protects from the wind, you will have to pay 4 euros for two.

You can lie down and elsewhere for free, but due to the strong wind in half an hour you will bring sand.

Although this beach and filming the sixth series of “James Bond”, but famous Praia do Guincho is not it, and its constant winds that make it a popular surf spot in Europe. Beach took one of the World Championships here today played the National Cup of Portugal surfing.

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