Prague Live Cam, Czech – Karlovy Vary

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Of course, first of all Karlovy Vary is famous for its healing springs. Total of this fertile land beaten more than 70 sources, 12 of which have medicinal properties.

From what source you need to drink only determines the physician. Without expert recommendations you can make just one sip from each source. Drink water from a special cup with a delicate nose. It is this form dishwashing water does not fall on the teeth and destroy the enamel. Ceramic cup became a symbol of Karlovy Vary – everyone who came here, be sure to wear it in your hands. You can also choose and buy your cup with any liked drawing.

All sources are arranged in small groups. Around each group built a colonnade, which protects the sources and users of weather surprises. Total built in Carlsbad 5 colonnades.

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