Prague Live Cam, Czech – Central station

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Central Station (the Czech. Praha hlavní nádraží) is the largest and most important railway hub in Prague and the Czech Republic.

The station was first opened in 1871 and named in honor of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. The modern Art Nouveau building was built in 1901-09 years. designed by Czech architect Josef Fanta, apart from the previous building in Neo-Renaissance architect Ignatz Ullmann.

In the days of the First Republic (as well as in the 1948-53 biennium.) Station bore the name of US President Woodrow Wilson, a monument that stood in the park in front of the station. The Nazis demolished the monument after the US entry into World War II (end of 1941).

station area was expanded by the construction in 1971-1979 years of the new building, including a metro station. The construction was built up a significant portion of the park, and a historic building in Neo-Renaissance proved unavailable for viewing from the side of the road.

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