Porto Formoso Live Cam, Portugal – Coastal

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Porto Formoso (Porto Formoso) – region in Portugal, is part of county Azores. Located on the island of São Miguel. It is part of the municipality of Ribeira Grande.

In IV-III centuries. BC. e. most of the territory of Portugal was inhabited by Lusitanians. In con. 1. BC. e. It was completed the conquest of the territory of modern Portugal Rome. In the 2 nd floor. V-VI centuries. n. e. the territory of modern Portugal Visigoths conquered in 713-718 – Arabs. During the Reconquista was created in 1095 county of Portugal, in 1139 (officially in 1143) became an independent kingdom. From the XV century. It began the colonial expansion of Portugal; zenith reached the Portuguese colonial empire in the 1st floor. XVI century.

In 1581-1640 was a part of Spain. In the beginning. XVIII century. He participated in the War of Spanish Succession. Signed during the war in 1703 and the Lisbon Treaty Metuensky agreement in 1703 led to the economic and political dependence of Portugal from the UK. In 1807, Portugal invaded by the troops of Napoleon I, who were expelled in 1808 by British troops, supported by the Portuguese patriots. XIX century. was marked by revolutions in Portugal (the Portuguese revolution of 1820, the September Revolution of 1836), civil wars (liberal wars, the war Maria da Fonte), acute struggle between supporters and opponents of the constitution. On the 2nd floor. XIX century. Portugal develops a republican and socialist movement.

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