Odessa Live Cam, Ukraine – Primorsky Boulevard, a monument to Duke

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Odessa – a city on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, the administrative center of the Odessa area and the historical center of New Russia, Ukraine’s largest port city, a major industrial, cultural, scientific and resort center; knot of highways and railways. Hero City.

Monument to Duke de Richelieu (Armand Emmanuel du Plessis) was established in Odessa in 1828. The authors of the steel pedestal St. Petersburg architect Abraham Melnikov and Italian architect Francesco Boffo (one of the founders of the Potemkin Stairs), a sculptor – Martos (author of the monument to Minin and Pozharsky in Moscow).

The original appearance of the monument has made its corrections, and the Crimean War (1853-1856g.g.): A fragment of the core has been damaged pedestal. Monument miraculously survived, but the disadvantage was turned into a virtue: on the site of injury established stylized cannonball in the memory of those events.

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