Nis Live Cam, Serbia – Street Dusan

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Nis (Niš) – Serbia’s third largest city – has long been considered a gateway between East and West. And now, in most cases it attracts tourists as a convenient location for transit lodging while traveling, for example, Greece or Bulgaria. Therefore, for a detailed acquaintance with the city, as a rule, do not have the time, at the best available travel there one day.

In walking distance from the city center, on the right bank of the river Nišava, Nis Fortress is. It was built by the Turks in the XVIII century, on the ruins of the fortress of the Roman era. Thick walls 8 meters high and average about three meters wide stretch for more than two kilometers.

On the site of the modern Nis in ancient times there was a city Naisse (Naissus), the birthplace of Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor. During his reign (306-337), he built himself a luxurious residence in his hometown. Up to the present day preserved Roman villa with peristyle, baths, barn and a water tower. The residence was richly decorated on the walls remains of colored marbles and frescoes, on the floor – a luxurious mosaic.

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