Namibia Live Cam, South Africa – Gondwana Park

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Namibia – a country in southwestern Africa. It has borders with Angola (length of border – 1376 km) and Zambia (233 km) to the east – with Botswana (1360 km) to the south-east and south – with South Africa (855 km). On the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The area of ​​824.3 thousand sq. Km. Capital – the city of Windhoek.

The bulk of Namibia’s up a hill, occupying the center of the country. Here is the highest point – Mount Königstein (Brandberg), 2606 m from the west central plateau limited the Namib desert, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, to the south -. Orange River, from the east – the Kalahari Desert. Caprivi Strip and the extreme north of the country engaged in the jungle.

Rivers in Namibia is small, and most of them are filled only at certain times. Dry river bed in the language Ndong (it says Ovambo people, inhabiting the north of the country) called Oshana: in the rainy season they can be filled, and the flooding of up to 60% of the territory.

The largest rivers in Namibia – Orange, Fish River (its canyon – the second largest in the world after the Grand Canyon in the USA), Okavango (empties into the great swamp in Botswana, called the Okavango Delta).

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