Murcia Live Cam, Spain – Cathedral

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Murcia – a city in the southeast of Spain, the administrative center of the Autonomous Community of Murcia and the province of the same name.

The city is located in the valley of the Rio Segura river. Murcia called “red-hot frying pan of Spain ‘, it is surrounded by mountains and the air circulation is poor there. Therefore, the climate of Murcia is characterized by the saying: «seis meses de invierno y seis meses de infierno» ( «the six winter months and six months of hell”).

City on the place where now is Murcia was founded Cordoban emir Abd ar-Rahman II in 825 under the name of Medinat Mursiya. City planners have created an extensive network of irrigation canals in Segura, which has led to the expansion of the agricultural sector.

In the XII century geographer Al-Idrisi described Murcia as a populous and well fortified city. After the collapse of the Caliphate of Cordoba in 1031 Murcia fell into the hands of the rulers, ruled in Almería, Toledo and Seville. After the collapse of the state Almoravidskogo Muhammad ibn Mardanish made the capital of the independent kingdom of Murcia.

During this period, Murcia has become a thriving city, the famous pottery, which was exported to Italy. Also in Murcia developed shёlkopryadnoe and paper production, the first in Europe. The theologian Ibn Arabi and the poet Ibn al-Jinan were born in Murcia in this period.

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