Luhacovice Live Cam, Czech

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Luhacovice – a city in the southeast of the Czech Republic, located in the Zlín Region, in the Zlín region. It occupies a picturesque valley at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level. On all sides the city is surrounded by mountains.

From the north-west is the Male-stone, from the southeast – Obetove peak from the south – the hills: Velke stone, Solna, Zaluzhniy, Luzhny and Ovchirni. All these mountains are part of the White Carpathians. The highest peak in Lugachevitse – Komonets, which rises 672 meters above sea level. Luhačovice built up a unique complex of buildings, which since the end of the XIX century gradually formed a spa town. On the territory of Lugachevitse are 16 sources of saturated sodium bicarbonate and one sulfur.

Every hour, 15 thousand liters of mineral healing water reaches the earth’s surface in this heavenly place.

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