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Leskovec pri Cats (slov’yan Leskovec pri Krškem.) – Settlements in obschinі Krsko, Spodnєposavsky regіon, Slovenіya.

Slavic ancestors of the present Slovenes settled in the country in the VI century BC. e. In the VII century they formed Carantania, which became one of the first Slavic states. In 745 Carantania year in exchange for military aid protectorate recognized by the Franks, while retaining formal independence before disbanding in 1180. The influence of the Franks facilitated the Christianization of Slovenes.

Around 1000 were written Brižinski spomeniki, the first written document in the Slovenian language. In the XIV century the territory of modern Slovenia fell under the rule of the Habsburgs, and later became part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Slovenia was divided into three provinces: Kranjska, Goriška and Shtaerska.

Moving the trade routes and the Thirty Years’ War in the XVII century contributed to economic decline in Slovenia, but in the XVIII century the economic development of the newly intensified: the production of various goods increased agricultural production has increased by about 60%. Unfurled the national educational movement. This period is called the Slovenian Renaissance.

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