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Lagos – a port city in southwestern Nigeria, the largest city in the country. Initially Lagos was a small settlement Yoruba, during the European colonization and independence, it became an important commercial center of Nigeria. Now the city occupies practically the entire territory of Lagos State and consists of a large number of areas connected and separated each other avtomagistralyami.Gorod located on the islands and on the coast of the Gulf of Benin (part of the Gulf of Guinea) of the Atlantic Ocean.

When Lagos was a Yoruba settlement, Awori called Eco City, which means “farm” or “camp”.

In 1472, Portuguese explorer landed here Rui de Sequeira (Rui de Sequeira) and called this area of ​​Lagos, which means “lakes”. In the years 1704-1851 Lagos was the center of the slave trade. In 1841, two Akita came to the throne in Lagos and banned the slave trade. Slave traders staged a rebellion and removed the king, enthroned his brother, two helmets, two Akita returned from exile with the British, who helped him return to the throne in 1851, and to ban the slave trade.

Lagos was annexed as a British colony in 1861. In 1914, Lagos was declared the capital of the protectorate. In 1960-1970-ies Lagos experienced rapid growth before the war in Biafra.

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