Konya Live Cam, Turkey – The prospectus of the Motherland

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Konya – a city in Turkey’s central Anatolia. Population – 2,079,225, the center of the eponymous province of Konya.

The city is known for its history, has great cultural and religious significance.

The place was inhabited for a long time. 50 km south of the town is a settlement Çatalhöyük, whose history can be traced to 7500 BC. e.

Entitled Kuvanov city was a Hittite empire around 4000 ago, as it was called in Phrygia.

Despite their proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the climate is much cooler Konya, Antalya than or Yalta, aided by a large height above sea level (about 1000 meters), and insecurity from the cold north winds.

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