Koh Chang Live Cam, Thailand

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Koh Chang – the island in the Gulf of Thailand, is located in the south-eastern part of Thailand, near the border with Cambodia. The distance from Bangkok to Koh Chang is about 320 km. Dimensions of the island – 30h10 km (second largest after Phuket), total area – about 290 square meters. km. It is part of the province of Trat.

The name can be literally translated as “Elephant Island”.

Travel to Koh Chang began to evolve relatively recently, as the island is far from the most popular destinations. In the recent past there were resting only Italians, French, Germans, Spaniards and Thais who come on holiday with their entire families. But in the last decade, more and more Russian comes to the island, especially a lot of them on the beaches of Klong Prao, Kai Bay and White Sand.

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