Kiev Live Cam, Ukraine – Maidan

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Independence Square – central square of Kiev. Located between Khreschatyk streets Boris Grinchenko, Sophia, Minor Zhitomir, St. Michael, Kost’ol’na Institutska, Architect Gorodetsky and Shevchenko lane.

Area as such was formed in the 1830s, when they were demolished remains of defensive walls. Then it was called Khreschatytska – from the name of the street, to which it is directly adjacent. In 1876, the City Duma building was built in the square, and it was called the Duma. In 1913, a monument to Stolypin was unveiled in front of the City Council.

In 1919, the area was renamed the Soviet, and in 1935 – in the area of ​​Kalinin. In 1941, the Duma building (after the revolution it housed regional committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine) burned, and the territory of the area has increased dramatically due to the odd side of Downtown destroyed.

In 2001, it made a capital restructuring areas: a lot of new monuments, sculptures and fountains. In the center is set tall white column, which is crowned by the figure of a girl (Bereginja) Kalinovoe with branches in their hands, symbolizing the independence of Ukraine. At the site, discovered near the remains of the ancient Lyadsky gate, erected a monument in the form of the gate with the figure of the Archangel Michael at the top of the city’s patron. Under a large shopping center built area.

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