Kemer Live Cam, Turkey – Tahtali mountain, cable car Olympos

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Olympos Teleferik – passenger cable car, built on the top of the Tahtali mountain very close to the tourist center of Kemer. It opened in 2007.

The bottom station is located at an altitude of 726 m above sea level and is located between the villages of Camyuva and Tekirova. The upper station is located directly on top of the mountain Tahtali at a height of 2365 m above sea level.

The top station with a sun terrace, providing a panorama of 360º, provides an opportunity for review of Finike to Side.

Tahtalı name means in Turkish “plank”, “with the boards.”

Mountain dominates the landscape around Kemer. Between Antalya and Finibahche it can be seen as the dominant peak ridge Beydaglari. The proximity to the Mediterranean coast makes it visible for the sailors.

It is the highest mountain in the park Olympos-Beydaglari. From November to June, the mountain is covered with ice and snow. This spring, the snow often painted in a reddish hue winds of the Sahara, and in the summer, because of the clouds that obscure the mountain, it is not often seen.

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