Kastamonu Live Cam, Turkey

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Kastamonu – a city and district in the north of Turkey, administrative center of Kastamonu sludge. Tourists traveling to the city of Kastamonu to visit the many springs.

The locals call their city a real paradise on earth with a rather long coastal strip, healing mountain waters and dense forests. Among the main attractions of the city are: Kastamonu castle, which was built by the Byzantines on a rocky hill in the twelfth century, a beautiful mosque Ibni Nedzhar, bronze sculpture of Ataturk and more.

Kastamonu was founded in the XVIII century BC. e. In ancient times it was called Timonion (al-Greek. Τιμόνιον). In the I century BC. e. Rome was captured and later was part of the Byzantine Empire. In the 1070’s, like most cities in Asia Minor, Kastamonu capture the Seljuk Turks. Once again the city of Byzantium returns only half a century later, in 1133, during the reign of John II.

At the beginning of the XIII century, with the collapse of the Byzantine Empire, the town was captured by Seljuk. In the first decades of the XIII century, as well as all Paphlagonia, it is the scene of fighting between nikeytsami, Seljuks and Trebizond.

The C Kastamonu the XIV century became the center of a small Turkic Jandar emirate, which at the end wins the XIV century the Ottoman Empire, then Timur, and finally again in the XV century Ottoman Empire.

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