Jurmala Live Cam, Latvia – Dzintari Concert Hall

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The famous concert hall “Dzintari” is located on the main Latvian resort – the city of Jurmala, at some hundred meters from the shore of the Gulf of Riga. The complex includes a large open room with a capacity of more than 2000 seats, a small indoor hall for 460 seats and a park with paths, benches and a fountain.

Each season in the concert hall “Dzintari” are a variety of activities, this classical music concerts, Dzintari concert hall and a variety of festivals and famous far beyond the borders of Latvia contest of young singers “New Wave”.

The first musical concerts took place in this place already in 1891. Since 1897, when in Edinburgh as until 1922 called Dzintari present-day, in honor of the wedding of Alexander II’s daughter Princess Mary and the Duke of Edinburgh Alfred was built theater scene, it began to perform regularly vaudeville troupe that gave entertaining concerts, accompanied by a small orchestra.

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