Jurmala Live Cam, Latvia – Beach Maiori

Category: Cams, Latvia

Maiori Beach stretches along the coast of the Baltic Sea near the Latvian town of Jurmala. Recognized as one of the best beaches of the Baltic States, as evidenced by the repeated presentation of the international Blue Flag.

Fine sand quality and cleanliness of the beach Majori make it very attractive for a summer holiday especially for families with children. Dimensions of the beach, its width of shoreline allow comfortably placed a large number of holidaymakers, and even in the midst of the holiday season there is always an empty seat.

The beach is equipped with changing cabins, benches, urns for dust. There are volleyball courts and rental services, where you can rent a jet ski. In the light of the day for bathing specialists are closely monitoring the rescue service. They are ready at any moment to come to the rescue if someone overestimated his strength and swam too far.

Thanks to the many hotels and spa centers, which are located directly on the coast, each camper can diversify their leisure time by visiting one of the beach cafes and refreshing cocktails, pampering spa treatments or a visit to a professional cosmetologist.

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