Jurmala Live Cam, Latvia – Street Turaidas

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Nestled on the coast of the Gulf of Riga, Jurmala, beauty is a real jewel of the Baltic resort. Its beaches are clean and wide, its air – fresh and full of needles, its architectural appearance – pleasing to the eye with their small private cottages and ancient villas of the Soviet period.

The simplest and most comfortable way to get to Jurmala from Riga – many trains departing every 15-20 minutes from Central Station, the Latvian capital, or in the direction of Sloka Tukums. A ticket to the coast is within all of the same lat. Exit in Jurmala can be on any of the three most popular beach holiday in terms of stations – Bulduri, Dzintari and Majori. The last two stops will lead you straight to the main street of the city – Joma.

Lovers of water travel can take advantage of the river boat, summer runs from the Riga Castle to the train station Majori. Driving time is two and a half hours.

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