Ho Chi Minh Live Cam, Vietnam – City Bakery

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Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam’s largest metropolis, a commercial and industrial center of the country. The city is located in the south of Vietnam, in a picturesque place – in the Mekong Delta.

Like many places rich in history, from Ho Chi Minh City has several informal names. For his role in the economic and cultural life of the city is called the capital of the South, and for the colonial heritage and French charm – Paris of the East.

The locals, by the way, are much more willing to use the former name of the town – Saigon (even though the love of the legendary leader of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh).

The architectural image of the city – it is the traditions of different parts of the world: from classical Chinese to Western Europe. By the way, in the west of Ho Chi Minh City has a big Chinatown Cholon, which was joined to Saigon in the early XX century. Nowadays, this area is famous for the lively trade.

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