High Tatras Live Cam, Slovakia – The top of Krivan

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Krivan – one of the peaks of the High Tatras. Altitude – 2494 m, altitude difference from the settlement TRI STUDNICKY -. 1353 m from the east Krivan limits Važecká Valley, at the end of which is a lake Krivanskoe Green Pleso. From it originates White Vah – one of the sources of the river Vah, the longest in Slovakia (406 km).

Krivan is one easily accessible peaks. Usually the top rising from the lake in Strbske Pleso that does not require special training of tourists. Before the rise of the more difficult with the place where the trail leaves from the Tatra motorway TRI STUDNICKY, you can make a halt at the lake Yamskoe Pleso (1447 m).

It is believed that the first on Krivan climbed in 1722 by J. A. Chirbesh and his friends, but to have this peak undoubtedly conquered treasures hunters, adventurers or simply curious. From well-known personalities to have visited Krivan, R. Towson, Belsazar Ake and Mr. Wallenberg.

The first description of the ascent to the peak of Tatra left Daniel Speer (1636-1707) from Wroclaw: in the middle of XVII century, he studied at the Kežmarok Lyceum. Together with fellow students and a teacher, who became their conductor (and the first mountain guide in the history of the Tatra mountains), he went on a three-day trip.

From Belovodskoe Valley Group rose by some Tatra peaks near Mount LOMNICKÝ ŠTÍT. At that time, residents called Spisska LOMNICKÝ ŠTÍT “Gramps” and Kežmarský Peak “uterus” or “Babichkoy”. The fact that the group is not got the Lomnicky Peak, and is likely to Kežmarský Peak, it is clear from the description: talking about opening forms, Speer mentions the view of the “Gramps.”

The first description of a specific lift to the mountain with a name already known Peak Slavkovský written by Protestant pastors Juraj Buchholtz senior (1643-1725) from the village of Velka Lomnica. The most difficult for climbers to climb Krivan leads through its foothills through Rameno Kriváň (2395 m), which is a protrusion in the ridge between Mount Krivan and concise.

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