Hanoi Live Cam, Vietnam – Kindergarten Kangaroo

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Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam and beautiful city with amazing history and culture. This is the place where strangely entwined slow pace of exotic Asian and bustle of modern business. According to the magazine Travel & Leisure, Hanoi is on the list of 10 most interesting from a tourist point of view of Asian cities.

Hanoi Located on the banks of the Red River, and in the translation of the capital’s name means “city between two rivers”. Its present name of the city acquired only in 1831, and until that time it was called Thang Long, or “citadel soaring dragon.”

Hanoi can be called the most beautiful city in Vietnam: there are many ancient temples and pagodas and still felt the French colonial influence, besides the city was not spoiled by the socialist buildings 1970-80s.

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