Erzurum Live Cam, Turkey

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Erzurum – a city in the north-east of Turkey, in the territory of Western Armenia, the administrative center of the sludge. The city is located on a high plateau 1,900 meters above sea level.

Erzurum corresponds to the ancient city of Karin, the name of which the Greeks remade in its own way in Carano (and the Arabs – in Kalikala). It was founded at the beginning of the fourteenth century BC ruler of the state Hayasa Karan (1400-1375 BC).

The Byzantine emperor Theodosius II (408-450 gg.) Strengthened him and gave him the name Theodosiopolis (421 year). In 502, the city was temporarily in the power of the Persians, in the same way and at the end of VI., when a significant part of its inhabitants were resettled in Hamadan. City since the early Middle Ages is known throughout the East as a center of carpet-making in Armenia.

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