Dubai Live Cam, United Arab Emirates – View from the tower of Poseidon

Category: Cams, United Arab Emirates

Hotel Atlantis is a very popular destination for leisure tourists. Here is the most famous water park in Dubai, which, even by international standards, can be called unique. There is also a oceanarium, dolphinarium and a diving center. In simple words, the entire range of water activities in one place.

Aquapark in Dubai called “Aquaventure Waterpark”. The first word is, as it were, of two English words aqua and adventure, which translates as water and adventure.

The first tower is called “Tower of Neptune”, the second “tower of Poseidon.” Apparently, the Arabs are not much versed in ancient mythology. Neptune and Poseidon – it is one and the same god, Poseidon just called it in ancient Greece and Rome Neptune.

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