Dnipropetrovsk Live Cam, Ukraine – Ekaterynoslavsky Blvd.

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Ekaterynoslavsky Boulevard – is located in the center of Dnepropetrovsk. Immediately after the opening of this place has attracted and informal get-togethers, students and many citizens. In Yekaterinoslav Boulevard shopping centers, cafes and restaurants. Evening Ekaterynoslavsky Boulevard – is extraordinarily beautiful sight. Paving blocks, shop windows and lights “Arbat” lights give European charm general appearance of the boulevard. On both sides of the boulevard restricted huge stone balls, which is popularly called “dinosaur eggs”.

In Yekaterinoslav Boulevard in Dnepropetrovsk placed around the stone benches, with the growing of these trees. Evening Ekaterynoslavsky Boulevard in Dnepropetrovsk is especially beautiful in the summer.

In Yekaterinoslav Boulevard in Dnepropetrovsk is a monument to “the unknown oligarch”. The monument was erected by unknown on Yekaterinoslav Boulevard in Dnepropetrovsk.

Monument man with outstretched hands, sitting on the garden bench, was the cause of so many legends, rumors, discussions and a long time has been shrouded in mystery and enigma.

Most likely Yekaterinoslav monument on the Boulevard in Dnepropetrovsk – it is a gift authoritative person on the anniversary of the city. The bronze man caught on Yekaterinoslav Dnepropetrovsk boulevard.

It’s only been a few years since the “birthday” of the monument, but there are a few signs:

– if you rub a cigarette in his hand man – the more money will be,
– if you sit on it – it’s a wedding.

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