Chernihiv Live Cam, Ukraine – Culture and Leisure Central Park

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Central Park of Culture and Leisure (Ukr Central Park of Culture that vіdpochinku.) – City recreation park, located on the territory of the Desna Chernihiv region. It is a place of rest of the townspeople.

Located on the historic part of Chernigov Kordovka and limited street Shevchenko (in the north), 1st street Kordovka and Park City garden (south), the buildings on the street Alexander Molodchiy (in the west) and the stadium (in the east). The park has the shape of an irregular rectangle.

It is a venue for festivals and fairs, sporting events (athletics orienteering).

On the central avenue there are several fountains. The park is a summer theater (Shevchenko str., 59), circus and amusement park (rides, a Ferris wheel). South-east of the adjacent pond – Swan Lake.

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