Botswana Live Cam, South Africa – Mashat Reserve

Category: Cams, South Africa

Mashat Reserve is one of the most krpunyh South Africa’s protected areas, privately owned. At the same time, the reserve is also a place of greatest congestion of elephants in South Africa – there are registered about 900 individuals. Geographically Mashat reserve located between the rivers Limpopo and Shasha, south of the Tuli Circle. In total Mashat covers 46,000 hectares of which are occupied mostly by savannas, woodlands, wetlands and small areas of sandstone.

Mashat – so named Reserve was due to Mashatu tree (second name – Nyala tree). This is a true giant of the sheet, especially given the desert area in the county. If for Nyala tree said reserve the name itself, the rest of the sights we say.

Mashat Reserve became famous as a place with large concentrations of these species of flora and fauna: the African elephant, the baobab, eland, ostrich, bustard measles. It is impossible in this list of local fine not add tremendous Limpopo River and the endless African sky.

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