Berga Live Cam, Spain – Panorama

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Berga – located in the area of Catalonia. Small and cozy town attracts travelers who want to enjoy the tranquility, comfort, pleasure to walk through the quiet streets and relax in nature, looking Berg sights. It attracts thousands of tourists to take part in the festival “La Patum”.

Berga derives its name from the Bergistani, an Iberian tribe which lived in the area before the Roman conquest. The Bergistani were first subdued by Hannibal in 218 BC. They rebelled twice against the Romans and were twice defeated; after their second uprising, much of the tribe was sold into slavery. Livy mentions their principal town, Castrum Bergium, which was probably the precursor of the present-day town of Berga.

Berga was ruled by viscounts in the Early Middle Ages and had its own counts from 988.

Berga was sold to king Peter II of Aragon in 1199.

In May, 2012, the town council passed a motion declaring King Juan Carlos ‘persona non grata’ following a series of scandals involving the royal family, most notably the king’s recent elephant hunting trip to Africa in the middle of Spain’s deepening recession.

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