Beppu Live Cam, Japan – Panorama

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Beppu – city located in Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in the vicinity of human settlements Oita, Usa, and Yufu Hiji. The city was founded in 1924.

In the southern part of Beppu on the slopes of Mount Takasaki located national park animals, famous for its flocks of monkeys that come down from the mountain to the tour for refreshments on schedule – from 9 am to noon. Just park live about 1100 monkeys, overseen by scientists from the National Park. Monkeys also fed farmers to protect their plantations from the raids of these animals. Monkeys, too, love to bask in the hot springs, especially in winter.

In the Beppu you can visit the zoo and close to the city is the aquarium Umitamago with large marine animals – sea lions and walruses.

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