Belgrade Live Cam, Serbia – Slavija Square

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Slavija Square is located in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, between the streets of King Milan, Belgrade, Makkenzievoy, Svetosavskoy, Deligradskoy and Nemaninoy streets, Boulevard Liberation. It is one of the city’s main landmarks and a large transport interchange.

Until the 1880s, this area is the only lake in which the inhabitants of Belgrade were hunting wild ducks. Square Education began from the moment when the Scot Francis Mackenzie purchased the land for resale to its parts. At the same time he built his house on Slavia, and later in 1910 became the Socialist Centre, a meeting place for the labor movement. The name “Slavia” given to the chief architect. After the Second World War there was the eponymous movie theater until its demolition in 1991.

Other buildings smaller, on the corner of King Milan, which used to be a cafe “Three Selyakov” and “Rudnichanin” were destroyed before and during the Second World War. Hotel “Slavija” was built in the period of 1882-1888 years. The new hotel “Slavia” was built in 1962 and later expanded. For some time, the area was named Dimitri Tutsovicha, an outstanding leader of the socialist movement in Serbia. In the center of the square stands a monument to him.

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