Belgrade Live Cam, Serbia – Republic Square

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Republic Square – one of the main squares in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital city, located in the municipality of Stari Grad.

The area is located in the northwest of the Assembly next to the southern extremity of the street of Prince Michael and occupies the space between the restaurant «Gradska Kafana», a cinema «Jadran», the National Theatre and the Concert Hall of the Serbian Army.

Modern area arose after demolition Istanbul Gate in 1866 and the construction of the National Theatre in 1869. The gate was built by Austria-Hungary at the beginning of the XVIII century, and stood between the place where now there is a statue of Prince Michael and the theater. Sami gates were surrounded by a moat and is so called because the road leading through them in Istanbul (Constantinople).

Before the gates of the Turks executed the guilty subjects, “Ryan”, spitted them on a stake. In 1806 this place was mortally wounded by one of the commanders of the First Serbian Uprising, Vasa Charapich. In his memory named a street near the square.

After the establishment of Serbian rule and the destruction of the gate, the theater building was the only large building for over 30 years. The area gradually grew to the point where in 1882 a monument was erected to Prince Michael.

Most of the buildings were lost during the German bombing of April 6, 1941. After World War II the square was removed tram tracks and memorable burial of soldiers of the Red Army, who died in 1944 during the liberation of Belgrade, it was moved to the cemetery Liberators of Belgrade. Later, the tallest building was built – “House of the Press.”

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