Amsterdam Live Cam Netherlands – Koningsplein square

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Watch live stream from Koningsplein square (Amsterdam) installed for public use. Due to her area permanently arranged all sorts of fun activities. Especially in Queen’s Day, when the city held mass celebrations.

The webcam installed in the capital of Holland – Amsterdam, Koningsplein Square. Koningsplein located between two canals Herengracht and Singel. Strictly speaking, it is rather a wide street than a square. Koningsplein appeared when in 1663 Heyligevegbyurgval channel was filled in a place of the current lane Heyligeveg. Some time in the XVII century the Singel Canal was christened Koningsgraht. A little later, the channel returned to its original name Singel, but for the area and the name stuck Koningsplein.

You can hear the sounds of the street, tram, people, and to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the European city. Video and audio are of very good quality, so the picture is best viewed in full screen mode (the button in the lower right corner).

On Koningsplein arranged a variety of shops, including the famous bookshop Sheltema. Amsterdam University Library, located on the Singel, overlook the Koningspleyn. At the eastern end of the square starts the tourist flower market, located on the Singel. This is a lively area, with trams, cars, cyclists, tourists and busy shopping area citizens.

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