Alcudia Live Cam, Spain – Beach

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Alcudia was that way in 123 BC founded the Roman consul Quintus Metellus Tsetsilly. Then the city was called Polentsiya, and he was one of the largest cities in the Roman Empire. When the great empire collapsed, the city first has traditionally captured barbarians and then the Arabs gradually incorporated it in the Emirate of Denia. At the same time the city and was renamed the current name: “Alcudia” in Arabic means “hill”.

Centuries later, with the Alcudia Mallorca was incorporated in the Kingdom of Aragon. In the XIV century King Jaime I ordered to build a fortress wall, because the city is constantly pillaged and ravaged the pirates, the privateers.

What can be seen in Alcudia, if desired: the church of Sant Jaume; Gothic Cathedral of Santa Ana of the XIII century; Cave of Sant Martí with two chapels, one covered ribbed vault; Temple Santuario de Nostra Senora de la Victoria XVII century, dedicated to Our Lady Pobedonositse baroque with a Gothic image of the Holy Virgin.

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