Alcoy Live Cam, Spain

Category: Cams, Spain

Alcoy – a city with lots of exciting and interesting buildings and sights in the north of Alicante province.

Many tourists on a trip to Valencia, know it in the first place thanks to the festival Moors and Christians, which takes place on the streets of Alcoy in the last week of April. The festival is a magnificent re-enactment of events thousands of years ago, during which the Spanish crown troops were fighting here with the Moors.

Alcoy is surrounded on three sides by mountains, at the foot of which are located National Parks – Sierra Mariola Sierra EFC Plans, Serreta, La Font Roja. The common name for the whole of the mountainous terrain around the town – Comtat. The local neighborhood is a popular place in Valencia for ecotourism, as well as for all kinds of outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering.

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