Afyon Live Cam, Turkey – Embankment

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Afyon – a city in western Turkey. The town is bordered: to the east – Konya, in the north – Eskisehir to the west – Kütahya, Uşak and Denizli, in the south – Burdur and Isparta.

The first mention of it dates back to the existence of the Hittite kingdom Arzawa (mid II millennium. BC. E.). Later the town was part of Phrygia, Lydia, was under the authority of the successors of Alexander the Great, Romans and Byzantines. In these times, the city had the name Akroin. In 739 here was destroyed by the Byzantines under the personal command of the king Leo Isaurian and his son Constantine is one of the invading Arab armies.

At the beginning of the XIII century it became part of Sultanate of Rum. In the local castle the Seljuk sultan kept his treasury, and because the city received the name of “Hisar-and the Devil” (Sovereign Castle). From rulers Germiyan city moved to the Ottoman authorities, who originally called it “Karahisar-and Sahib” (City of the Black Fortress), bearing in mind the Seljuk fortress of black stone, towering over the city at 235 meters.

In 1912 there lived Turks – 75,406 members, Armenians -. 4812 people, the Greeks -. 1,200.

In 1921 there took place one of the battles of the Greco-Turkish War.

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