Zakopane, Tatra mountains Live Cam Poland

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Kasprowy Wierch (1988 m) in the main ridge of the High Tatras is located on the border of Poland and Slovakia. The Northern and North-Eastern slopes of Kasprowego the Top is in fact the main and the only one in Poland Alpine ski area, the most popular but also the most crowded. Its slopes belong to the category complex, and part of the track has the certificates of FIS.

To the summit summed up three cable Railways, of which the main is passenger ropeway Kuznica – Myslenice Tour Kasprowy Wierch with a 60-seater cars (4300 m elevation 936 m). Parnokreselnaya lift (length 1730 m, the difference 610 m) serves great vast snow circus Goryczkowa in the upper reaches of the valley, another four-chair lift (length 1156 m, level difference 350 m) operates in a huge and very steep Konsenzusom the circus. From the slopes in Honeyroom circus and Goryczkowa the valley down in Kuznica are 9-kilometer “nartostrada” – a very narrow and dangerous, mainly forest ski trails. Near the legendary mountain hotel “Kalatowki”, on the beautiful meadows over nartostrada of Goryczkowa valley, there are two yoke (400 and 200 m, the difference of 60 and 40 m) with the training slopes. Here in 1907, held its first ski competition for the championship of Poland.

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