Yamanashi Live Cam, Japan – Lake Motosu

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Yamanashi – prefecture located in the Chubu region on Honshu island, Japan. Prefectural Administration Center – the city of Kofu.

Lake Motosu – the third in size among the five lakes, is the deepest, with a maximum depth – 121.6 meters (399 feet), making it the ninth deepest in Japan.

Yamanashi name is often translated as “no mountains” that a lot of fun travelers who know the Japanese language. Almost 80% of the prefecture Yamamosi is mountainous and only about 22% has a flat character. The mountains are difficult passable, so accurate translation “Yamanashi” means “mountain pear”.

Yamanashi most smaller in size and rarely visited by foreign tourists prefecture of Japan. Sea with comfortable recreational beaches is far from it. And from the Sea of ​​Japan and from the Pacific Ocean, it is separated by mountain ranges. Even the climate in this area is different from the power of the island country and more similar to continental.

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